Enjoy a meal

Apety is the best platform to find your next meals. Easily organize meals with several people in restaurants and enjoy a seamless experience without waiting nor fees.

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Calling for food

Choose your time of arrival in your favorite restaurant, order your drink and your dish in advance.

Invite your friends & colleagues

Invite friends and colleagues, they will be notified and will also be able to pre-order their meals.

The table is accepted

The restaurant reserves the table and prepares your arrival. There is still time for your guests to answer.

Confirmation of your guests

Each order can be changed up to 30 minutes before the meal. Unanswered guests are then forgotten.

Meals start to be prepared in the kitchen

The restaurant receives the final order and passes it on to the kitchen.

Arriving on time

When you arrive, drinks are ready and the dishes will follow shortly. In case of delay, please inform the restaurant.

Integrated payment

At the end of the meal, the payment is integrated within the application and you can simply leave without waiting for the bill.

More choices, faster & easier

No more frustrations at restaurants! Value your time with our innovative, efficient, free and delicious platform.

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  • Ikentoo
  • Stripe
Gain up to 30 minutes on each meal to enjoy your life.
Daily suggestions

Our intelligent algorithms provide you every day a selection of delicious and personalized meals.

Flexible at maximum

Every order can me modified or cancelled up to 30 minutes before the meal.

Easy organization

Friends and colleagues can accept or decline your invitation in a single click.

Individual bill

Every joiner pays individually his own bill when he is leaving.

Ready to start the experience?!

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Frequently asked questions

Where is Apety available?

Our platform is launched in Geneva and soon in Lausanne. Ping us with the next places where you would like to use our innovative concept.

What is the minimal configuration required?

At least one smartphone or one tablet is required under iOS 8 or Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. In case your device is not supported, give us a shout below.

Is Apety free?

Exactly, all orders over Apety are free! The price you paid is indeed the same as ordering directly in the restaurant.

Which credit card is supported?

We support most credit cards (e.g. MasterCard, American Express, etc.). A margin is blocked on each order and then adapted depending on your final reciept at the end of your meal.

They are talking about us

Apety uses the latest technologies to digitize the restaurant world by connecting restaurants and dinners in real time.

Our team is always available to quickly answers questions and give some help.